Best Podcast Hosting Services 2020

What is podcast hosting?

Podcast hosts are places to store and distribute your podcast. Unlike website hosting, podcast hosts offer specific tools (such as podcast monetisation options) to enhance the subscriber experience.

Choosing your podcast host is an essential step in the creation of your podcast because a good host can help to grow your podcast audience faster, and also ease the headache of managing all of your podcast audio files.

Why can’t I use my website host for my podcast?

You can… but we wouldn’t advise it. Unlike websites, podcast files are typically very large in size and delivering them from a server that’s not a dedicated podcast host would eat up a huge amount of resource, and become an expensive endeavour.

Podcast hosting services are set up specifically to host and distribute large podcast files, and they also offer specialised tools to handle media files.

How do I pick my podcast host?

There are many podcast hosts out there and choosing the right host for you can be a minefield. Luckily we have done the hard work for you. From our own experience, and surveying over 50 podcast creators, we have whittled the options down to the 3 best podcast hosts…


Podbean are widely considered one of the best podcast hosts on the market. They offer unlimited podcast hosting plans with unlimited bandwidth.

Podbean also includes tools to help you promote your podcast through a website, such as customisable wordpress themes that allow you to easily embed your podcast into your wordpress posts and pages, super useful for podcast search engine optimisation.

On the distribution end, they offer tools to automatically submit your podcast episodes to all of the top podcast directories. This takes the hassle away from having to manually upload your podcast RSS feed, and ensures that your followers can hear your content through their preferred podcast app.

Lastly (and possibly most importantly) Podbean have an advertising marketplace, allowing you to monetise your podcast right within the podcast host ecosystem.

Pricing: Free Plan with limited storage, paid plans starting from £7.20 / month with unlimited storage.

Best for: People that are ready to take their podcast growth and monetisation to the next level.


Buzzsprout have been in the podcast hosting business for over a decade, and they have a developed a name for themselves as one of the top podcast hosts around.

Buzzsprout are a common podcast host recommendation for beginners and people just starting out, as their tools are simple to use.

While Buzzsprout might not boast some of the more advanced features that a host like Podbean provide, they make up for it in simplicity and ease of use – just upload your media file and let Buzzsprout take care of the rest.

Like many host providers, Buzzsprout also take care of distribution to all podcast partners, and they offer an embeddable wordpress plugin for easy embedding into your podcast website.

Pricing: Free Plan with limited storage, paid plans starting from £9.60 / month with unlimited storage.

Best for: Beginners looking to get their podcast out to the masses, simply and quickly.

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